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Floréal : revue libre d'art [et] de littérature

Founded by Marcel Noppeney, Frantz Clément et Eugène Forman

Floréal : revue libre d'art [et] de littérature = Floréal : freie Rundschau für Kunst und Litteratur
Luxembourg : J. Beffort
Years published
From 01.01.1907 to 31.12.1908
Years scanned
From 01.01.1907 to 31.12.1908
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No 1 (april 1907) - No 12 (april 1908)

Bilingual literary magazine named after the eighth month of the French Republican calendar and founded by Marcel Noppeney (1877-1966), Frantz Clément (1882-1942) and Eugène Forman (1878-1955) in 1907. The founders of Floréal believe that Luxembourg culture is characterised by an amalgam of Romanic and Germanic influences. As a result, half of the texts are in German and half in French.

According to the Dictionnaire des auteurs luxembourgeois, Marcel Noppeney contributed poems, commentaries and columns in French, Frantz Clément wrote essays on literary criticism, reviews and poems, while Eugène Forman published the satirical Puckis Erdenfahrt, an epic set in the fictitious state of Lampeduse (Luxembourg), in serial form.