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Courrier du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

Owners of the periodical were Norbert et Charles Metz.

Courrier du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
Imprimerie J. Lamort
Years published
From 03.07.1844 to 27.12.1868
Years scanned
From 03.07.1844 to 27.12.1868


Successor to the Journal de la Ville et du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (1826-1844) which was led by Mathieu-Lambert Schrobilgen (1789-1883), the periodical was meant to rival the Luxemburger Zeitung (1844-45) led by Ernest Grégoire. For instance, the first issue of the two dailies was on the same day, the 3rd of July 1844.

The last known edition is from the 27th of December 1868. The publication of the newspaper was stopped because its owners, Norbert (1811-1885) and Charles Metz (1799-1853) founded a German-language newspaper: the Luxemburger Zeitung (1868-1941).