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A-Z : Luxemburger illustrierte Wochenschrift

Published by Franz Stolz et Hubert Clément. 

A-Z : Luxemburger illustrierte Wochenschrift
Luxembourg : Hubert Clément
Years published
From 01.01.1933 to 31.12.1940
Years scanned
From 01.01.1933 to 31.12.1940
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The A-Z is published in December 1933 under the responsibility of Franz Stoltz. This illustrated magazine has the ambition of presenting Luxembourg's current affairs by adopting a new aesthetic and technical approach (colour printing, rotogravure and careful typography as well as quality illustrations). However, it was not until 1934, when Hubert Clément (1889-1953), director of the Tageblatt, took over, that the A-Z really became successful. Publication ceased with the German occupation in 1940.